Felt sheets & pieces

Felting is rapidly gaining in popularity as more and more fiber artists and hand crafters explore its virtually unlimited possibilities.  With the recent addition of a needle felting machine, our mill now offers both wet-felted pre-felts AND ready for use, needle felted sheets.  Our felting supplies make it even easier to work in this medium.

Our premium pre-felts have been wet felted into soft 3′ x 4′ +/- sheets. Hard enough to hold together yet soft enough to stretch over forms, embellish with a design or fashioned into any sort of garment before finish felting for final use..  Starting your project with a pre-felt helps to attain a more uniform finished product.  Prices start at $35/sheet

Needle felted sheets can be made up to 32″ in width and in any length.  These pieces of finished felt are ready to be cut up and pieced together into garments, slippers and mittens.  Priced by the weight & square footage

Weights vary depending upon final intended use–scarf, hat/mitten, vest/coat or moccasin. We have lots of these felts in stock and we’re always making more.   I’ve only posted a small sample here.  . Please contact us at Amy@woolmill.com to discuss your specific needs.

sample felt 2



Needle Felting Machine

Needle Felting Machine