Felted Soap Eggs

Genuine soap eggs laid by our flock of soap hens!   (wink, wink)

These felted soap eggs make a perfect gift. Beginning with a bar of soap, we wrap it in wool roving and then felt into place.  They’re not just pretty to look at but utilitarian as well.   Greg especially likes them to scrub his legs and toes clean after working barefoot in the garden. The wool felt gently exfoliates and cleans skin. Once the soap is gone, you can cut the remaining felt open to make a small pouch. Slip in a new bar of soap or use the pouch to store your treasures. We have dozens of these soap eggs in stock.

Before ordering please keep in mind, these are hand-crafted items–no two are alike.  Soap eggs are sold by color family. The egg you receive will not be the same egg pictured. Each soap egg is priced at $6.00.

soap yellow 1  soap white 1  soap pink 2  soap orange 1  soap muti 1  soap Christmas 1  soap green 1  soap blue 1soap burgandy